Laser cleaning CJQX-1200F

Laser cleaning series - Optional power: 200W、350W

Composed of laser, laser optical system, and control system, CJQX-1200F (customizable) laser cleaning equipment is provided to achieve handheld laser cleaning. The equipment is easy to install, operate, and automate. Easy to operate, connect the power, turn on the equipment, and perform cleaning without chemical reagents, media, dust, or water. It can automatically focus, adhere to curved surface cleaning, and has the advantage of high surface cleanliness. It can remove resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, coating, and paint from the surface of objects.

Product Information
  • 「Product brand」:Chengjing laser
  • 「Product model」:CJQX-1200F
  • 「Cooling mode」:Air cooling
  • 「Hand head weight」:1800g
  • 「Overall power consumption」:<1800W
  • 「Dimension」:660mm*920mm*1060mm
Product features

1. Laser cleaning machine produced by YAG laser and pulse Q-switching technology

2. Accurate cleaning, can achieve accurate position, accurate size selective cleaning

3. Do not need any chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmental protection

4. Simple operation, power can be, can be hand-held or with the robot to achieve automatic cleaning

5. Cleaning efficiency is very high, saving time

6. Laser cleaning system is stable, almost no maintenance

Equipment advantage

1. Non-contact cleaning

2. With universal wheel, easy to move

3.8 Waveforms available

4. Man-machine interface parameters are adjustable

5. Suitable for hand-held and robotic cleaning operation

6. Can be cleaned for specified position/size

7. It will not cause damage to any metal surface

8. Noiseless air cooling system

9. No consumables safety and environmental protection

10. Strong practicality, small power coverage

Sample display
Application industry
Aerospace, mold industry, automotive industry, food industry, sewage treatment, tire wheel, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc
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