Laser cleaning: The advantages of laser cleaning over traditional cleaning

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As a globally recognized manufacturing power, China has made great strides and achievements on the road of industrialization, but it has also led to serious environmental degradation and industrial pollution. In recent years, China's environmental protection regulations have become increasingly strict, leading to some enterprises being shut down for rectification. A one size fits all environmental storm has some impact on the economy, and changing traditional pollution production models is the key. With the advancement of technology, people are gradually exploring various technologies that are beneficial to environmental protection, and laser cleaning technology is one of them. Laser cleaning technology is a newly emerging surface cleaning technology for workpieces in the past decade. With its advantages and irreplaceability, it is gradually replacing traditional cleaning processes in many fields.

Traditional cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. Mechanical cleaning uses mechanical means such as scraping, wiping, brushing, and sandblasting to remove surface dirt; Wet chemical cleaning method uses organic cleaning agents to remove surface attachments through measures such as spraying, rinsing, soaking, or high-frequency vibration; Ultrasonic cleaning method is to place the processed parts into a cleaning agent and use the vibration effect generated by ultrasonic waves to remove dirt. At present, these three cleaning methods still dominate the cleaning market in China, but they all produce pollutants to varying degrees, and their application is greatly limited under environmental protection and high-precision requirements.


Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy and high-frequency laser beams to irradiate the surface of workpieces, causing instantaneous evaporation or peeling of dirt, rust spots or coatings on the surface, and effectively removing surface attachments or coatings on the cleaned object at high speed, thereby achieving a clean laser process. The characteristics of lasers are high directionality, monochromaticity, high coherence, and high brightness. By focusing the lens and Q-switching, energy can be concentrated within a small spatial and temporal range.

Advantages of laser cleaning:

1. Environmental advantages

Laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method that does not require the use of any chemical agents or cleaning liquids. The waste generated from cleaning is mostly solid powder, with a small volume, easy storage, recyclability, no photochemical reactions, and no pollution. It can easily solve the environmental pollution problem caused by chemical cleaning. Often, a single exhaust fan can solve the problem of waste generated during cleaning.

2. Effect advantages

The traditional cleaning method often involves contact cleaning, which has mechanical forces on the surface of the cleaned object, damaging the surface of the object or the cleaning medium adhering to the surface of the cleaned object, which cannot be removed and produces secondary pollution. The non grinding, non-contact, and non thermal effects of laser cleaning should not damage the substrate, making these problems easily solved.

3. Control advantage

Laser can be transmitted through optical fibers, combined with robotic hands and robots, to facilitate long-distance operation. It can clean areas that are not easily accessible by traditional methods, which can ensure the safety of personnel in some dangerous places.

4. Convenience advantage

Laser cleaning can remove various types of pollutants from the surface of various materials, achieving cleanliness levels that conventional cleaning cannot achieve. And it can also selectively clean the pollutants on the material surface without damaging it.

5. Cost advantage

Laser cleaning is fast, efficient, and time-saving; Although the initial one-time investment for purchasing a laser cleaning system is relatively high, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time with low operating costs. More importantly, it can easily achieve automated operations.

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