What molds can laser mold washing machines clean?

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Mold plays a very important role in industrial production. Mold cleaning is the key to maximizing the service life of molds, improving their reliability, and ensuring product quality. Mold cleaning is a critical process in mold maintenance and is also a bottleneck that restricts mold maintenance.

After the completion of production operations, general molds need to be cleaned after demolding. How should the surface of the mold be cleaned thoroughly without damaging the substrate after demolding? The traditional method is for production workers to brush the molds one by one with frosted paper. This method is time-consuming, labor-intensive, labor-intensive, and involves numerous steps, especially in areas such as fine seams, corners, and pores that cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, this method is being phased out by more and more factories.


With the development of the times, an increasingly scientific and efficient method is to use professional laser washing machines to clean the molds. Chengjing laser washing machines can handle this situation well. For the production of rubber, silicone, stamping and other types of molds, the attachments on the molds can be completely removed in an instant, making it convenient to use. This product does not damage the molds during cleaning, and can also extend the service time of the molds, reduce the maintenance costs of enterprise molds, and improve the efficiency of cleaning molds.

In the constantly improving mold industry, controlling product quality has become particularly important. Chengjing laser mold washing machine has been practically applied in multiple mold production enterprises, such as sealing ring mold cleaning, rubber mold cleaning, wheel hub mold cleaning, stamping mold cleaning, and so on. In the cleaning operation, many enterprise employees have expressed that laser mold washing machine cleaning is faster and more effective, and the equipment operation is simple, does not damage the mold, and the cleaning efficiency increases exponentially.

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