The application of laser rust removal machine on steel rails

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The steel rails are exposed to the air for years, and under the wind, sun, and rain for many months, rust is inevitable. This type of steel rail is not entirely made of iron, it is made of high manganese steel. At the upper part of the steel rail, which is the layer in contact with the wheels, another metal - indium is added. Its addition makes the upper part of the steel rail more resilient while ensuring hardness, which is important for the wheels of the train. When it comes into contact and collides with the "wheel rims", it will have a certain degree of elasticity, ensuring the safe operation of the train. Secondly, the staff will also regularly maintain the steel rails, so they will not rust severely. And there are often rails that run by trains, and the surface is not rusty! Train tracks have to withstand a huge amount of weight and friction during train operation. Steel rails made of high manganese steel bones are precisely used for this purpose. Although they may rust over time, these rust marks can better protect the rails from external influences.


Laser rust removal machine can effectively solve the problem of steel rail rust removal. The principle of laser rust removal is to use high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, causing oil stains, rust spots or coatings on the surface to be peeled off instantly. It is a high-speed and effective cleaning method to remove surface attachments or surface coatings. The short duration of the laser pulse, under appropriate parameters, will not harm the metal substrate.

Laser rust removal is a new technology that is different from traditional cleaning processes in the past. Due to its green, energy-saving, and environmental protection, it has received increasing attention and has a very important application prospect in the rail transit industry. Chengjing Laser performs local cleaning on the train rails sent by customers and uses laser rust removal equipment to clean the rust on the rails.

Laser rust removal is a new cleaning method developed in recent years. Laser rust removal machines are suitable for operators to work alone, with low cleaning costs, environmental friendliness, efficiency, good cleaning quality, and no damage to the steel rail substrate. They are easy to operate with one hand or can be completed automatically through remote control. These advantages cannot be replaced by existing cleaning methods. Laser rust removal will gradually replace traditional cleaning methods, and its development prospects will be smooth all the way.

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