New energy battery manufacturing laser cleaning solutions

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  At present, laser cleaning has become the main means of battery surface treatment, and is widely used in three main power battery production processes: pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, and battery assembly. By using lasers, cleaning heads, and control software, computer integrated control, adding laser cleaning to the three processes can greatly improve the battery manufacturing process level.


 1. Laser cleaning before pole coating

  The positive and negative electrode sheets of lithium batteries are made by coating the positive and negative electrode materials of lithium batteries on a thin metal strip. When the metal strip is coated with electrode materials, the metal strip needs to be cleaned. The metal strip is generally thin aluminum or copper. The original wet ethanol cleaning can easily cause damage to other parts of the lithium battery. Laser dry cleaning machines can effectively solve the above problems.

 2. Laser cleaning before battery welding

  Use high-frequency short pulse laser as a cleaning solution for the working medium. The high-energy beam of light of a specific wavelength is absorbed by the rust layer, paint layer, and pollution layer, forming a rapidly expanding plasma, and generating shock waves at the same time. The shock wave turns the contaminants into fragments and is removed. This method can effectively remove dirt, dust, etc. on the end face of the battery cylinder, and prepare for battery welding in advance to reduce the defective products of welding.

 3. Laser cleaning during battery assembly

  In order to prevent safety accidents in lithium batteries, it is generally necessary to glue the lithium battery cells externally to play the role of insulation, prevent short circuits, protect the circuit, and prevent scratches. Laser cleaning of the insulation plate and end plate cleans the surface of the battery cell to clean the dirt, roughen the surface of the battery cell, improve the adhesion of the glue or coating, and does not produce harmful pollutants after cleaning, which is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method.

  In addition to the above examples, laser cleaning also has great alternative advantages in more than a dozen other processes such as battery cover electrophoretic paint removal and foil label cleaning. For many years, Chengjing Laser has been surviving with high technology and high quality! Strive for development with high service and high integrity! Committed to providing our customers with professional technical support and a series of laser cleaning solutions and related supporting facilities.

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