Laser Cleaning Solutions for Aviation Parts

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  Aircraft have almost stringent safety requirements, so in the aviation industry, whether it is production or maintenance, the first thing to think about when improving every process is not cost, but safety.

  As the main structural material of the space shuttle, aluminum alloy is widely used in key parts such as spacecraft skins, propellers, fuel tanks and landing gear pillars. Aluminum with copper as the main alloying element is mainly used to produce large aircraft skins due to its high strength, high heat resistance and good processing performance. Aluminum exposed to air will naturally form an uneven and discontinuous oxide film on the surface, which must be completely removed before the component is repainted and welded, otherwise it will affect the coating bonding force and weld quality.

  At present, a mixture of chromic acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrofluoric acid is generally used to remove the oxide film on the surface of rolled aluminum alloy parts, while nitric acid is generally used to remove die castings. However, chemical cleaning methods require manual participation and cause pollution to the environment. Cleaning quality is also difficult to guarantee.

  In recent years, laser cleaning has become one of the mainstream directions of cleaning technology due to its wide applicability, processing accuracy and environmental protection of the cleaning process, and is widely used in the industrial process of surface coating removal before and after welding. Based on this, laser cleaning as a treatment method for aluminum alloy spraying and welding is an effective means.


  In the cleaning application of aviation aluminum alloy surface, it is also necessary to prevent damage to the anodized film on the aluminum alloy surface, and to ensure that the anodized film on the aluminum alloy surface is protected while laser cleaning. When cleaning a large area, meeting a certain cleaning efficiency is also a prerequisite for production and application. The laser cleaning machine launched by Chengjing Laser can be applied to various application scenarios in aerospace, and customers can choose the appropriate laser cleaning machine model according to different needs.

  Unlike the traditional cleaning process, laser cleaning completely opens up a new idea of industrial cleaning technology. It is a new type of green environmental protection process, which can be applied to the cleaning of the surface and parts of most aerospace aluminum alloy materials before welding. While effectively removing rust, oil, film, oxide skin, paint and other pollutants on the surface of the object, it will not damage the substrate. At the same time, it has the advantages of no pollution, no consumables, precision cleaning in optional areas, and high cleanliness.

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