How much is the price of a high-power laser rust remover?

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  Although there are various rust removal methods on the market now, one rust removal method has stood out among many rust removal methods in recent years, and it is laser rust removal. Laser rust removal is a non-grinding, non-contact cleaning method, so laser rust removal is more environmentally friendly than traditional rust removal, and it will not damage the workpiece.

  To determine the price of laser rust removal equipment, it depends on the power of the equipment. The price of laser rust removal equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The power is different, and the configuration is different, and the price will vary. The ability of rust removal is related to the power of the laser. The higher the power, the faster the relative rust removal speed. It is mainly configured according to individual needs. The cleaning efficiency of the laser rust removal machine is also different due to the different power of the equipment. For the severe corrosion of the rust layer, the efficiency of the high-power laser rust removal machine is faster, and it can remove the rust layer, rust, etc. on the surface of the workpiece. The internal configuration of the laser rust removal machine produced by each laser rust removal equipment manufacturer is different, and its price is also different. Shengtong Intelligent Laser Equipment Group will comprehensively consider and recommend suitable equipment according to the actual situation of the customer's workpiece and efficiency issues, and then make a specific quot


  The social and economic advantages of laser rust removal include:

  1. Green and environmentally friendly: no chemical reagents, no noise.

  2. Maintenance-free: no abnormal parts;

  3. Operating costs: no consumables, less electricity;

  4. Improve the working environment: reduce manpower and solve labor difficulties.

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