Application of Laser Cleaning in Shipbuilding Industry

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  Cleaning work is a very important processing technology in the shipbuilding industry. There is a lot of cleaning work before and after welding and before painting. The quality of cleaning work also determines the quality of welding and painting to a certain extent.

  Traditional cleaning technologies mainly include manual grinding, sandblasting, high-pressure water washing, chemical cleaning, etc., which are widely used in ship painting, welding and other processes. However, traditional cleaning technologies are labor-intensive, seriously polluting, and have great occupational hazards, which are very unfriendly to construction personnel. Laser cleaning technology has many advantages such as no damage to the substrate, precise control at the micron level, energy saving and environmental protection, so it has become a research hotspot in shipbuilding.


  There are many kinds of marine materials, and laser cleaning is an emerging technology. The process research of the corresponding materials is not comprehensive and in-depth, and there are also some shortcomings in the corresponding specifications and standards. However, these problems have been greatly improved in recent years. Technicians in the marine field have gradually carried out research on the process and application of laser cleaning, and have obtained a large amount of test data. It is believed that in the near future, these test data can form a corresponding process database to guide the application of laser cleaning in the marine industry.

  As an advanced tool and means to promote intelligent manufacturing, laser processing technology has been widely adopted by major large shipyards in Europe, America and Japan. To achieve high-quality development of the shipbuilding industry in China, it is necessary to promote the mutual adaptation and integration of intelligent manufacturing and the shipbuilding industry, so that intelligent manufacturing can take root in the shipbuilding industry, promote China's shipbuilding and shipbuilding products to reach the world's leading first-class level as soon as possible, and improve the international competitiveness of Chinese ships!

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